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In 2001, after a successful career as teacher and business lecturer in Belgium, I moved to Sri Lanka, and, too young to retire, started working as a freelance translator. In between I worked as a purchasing manager, personal assistant, and language consultant for various employers, but never stopped freelancing. Since 2008, freelancing has become my major business activity.

Among my clients are several translation agencies, as well as direct contacts, distributed globally: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK, Denmark, Norway, Philippines, Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, USA.

I pride myself in delivering quality work on time, whether it is a one-page letter or a 500-page text book. As an indication or yardstick for quality, please refer to my accreditation on OHT, a well-known internet-based translation agency, for which I have completed nearly 1,000 projects, with an overal customer satisfaction rating of 9.9/10.

A domain I cherish particularly, is translating scientific articles and non-fiction books, which often requires typesetting and print-ready finishing (in InDesign). Ranging from books on gastronomy, via mathematics and chemistry, to medical texts, preparing a text ready for print, whether for paper or soft-copy, is quite different from the translating process, and a quality rarely found among translators.


Alfons Van Hoof | 67 Rukmani Devi Rd, 11500 Negombo, Sri Lanka | +94 777 554 896 | alfons@twtrans.info
en 250 Group 12, Svay Dangkom, Siem Reap, Cambodia | +855 978 714 902